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twelve ensō


The selected images in this series continue my exploration of the Japanese aesthetic, wabi-sabi.  Wabi-sabi imparts a reverence for simple beauty and an appreciation of the effects of age and wear. Wabi-sabi also recognizes the natural imperfections in our world. Tied to Zen Buddhism, wabi-sabi promotes a mindful investigation of one’s environment. My intent visual exploration of worn and blemished surfaces reveals an unseen beauty through the form and texture of the subject to evoke a pure, subtly spiritual response from the viewer.   


The ensō (circle) is a sacred image in the Zen school and is a common motif in Japanese shodō calligraphy.  Zen artists often begin by creating an ensō as a way to focus and open the mind to the creative process.  The twelve ensō from this series were photographed at a single location in Nikkō, Japan in July 2013.

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